Fiscally Responsible

Safe and Caring Community

Sustainable Communities

As a growing, diverse community we need to develop an urban and rural growth plan that supports our thriving community into the future.  In line with the City's Diversity and inclusion plan, and stated goals of "fairness, justice and non-discrimination", we need to put in place a fiscal framework that will enable all residents, irrespective of race, religion, status, age or abilities, to have equal access to affordable housing and employment opportunities.


At present, there is an over-reliance on the residential tax base.  Aggressive residential tax practices are neither sustainable, nor acceptable. 

 A strong commercial/industrial tax base would take the pressure off the residential taxpayer, so I am committed to working to increase in the number of commercial and industrial businesses in the area. This would also have the positive effect of providing increased employment opportunities for Oshawa residents. 

With the provincial lands around the 407 set to be released in the very near future, Ward 1 is primed to attract a better ratio of non residential taxes, which shifts the burden away from the tax base to fund the services we expect.  This also becomes an opportunitiy to create and retain employment, diversify our economy and continue to further increase Oshawa's economic resilience.

Additionally, we need to foster healthy and productive relationships with existing businesses, by encouraging and facilitating mutually-agreed reforms and introducing new initiatives that will enable residents to get behind their local businesses. 

By connecting existing businesses and local educational institutions, we can ensure that opportunities exist where job-seekers can acquire the skills needed to gain and thrive in meaningful employment. 

In this time of community growth, it’s also critical that we maintain a balance between development and nature. It is important not only to incorporate the preservation and creation of parks and green spaces with the allocation of sustainable development, but also to ensure the integrity of our heritage buildings and neighbourhoods are maintained. 

I will advocate for enhancing services to seniors.  Seniors need to know that this city is accessible to them, and that their mental and physical well being is important to us and we care.  Seniors need to feel included and dignified.

We are all connected and need to work together to create a city where all have hope for a brighter future.

Community Engagement

Enhancing Services for Seniors

Open and Transparent Communicatiions

Foster positive and productive initiatives for community engagement where every voice counts

  •  Ward Advisory Committee, 
  • Seniors Advisory Committee
  • regular town hall/coffee meetings with constituents
  • transparent and accountable governance
  • increase community engagement during the planning process
  • seek input from community on all issues

Building Neighbourhoods

  • Effectively manage city growth with family friendly parks, cycling connections and amenities.
  • supporting local businesses and farmers
  • Safe and healthy neighbourhoods by ensuring that the Oshawa Services have the necessary resources needed to serve our community
  • Protecting green spaces & CLOCA lands to ensure that our environment is protected for future generations to enjoy.

Sustainable Communities

  • Ensure that we have a livable community which meets the needs of our diversified demographic population. 
  •  Infrastructure needs to catch up with the rapid growth of our city: traffic conjestion,  speed calming measures, crosswalks, and  stop signs are put in place to ensure community saftey.
  • Availability of a wider range of affordable housing options such as single storey and semi-detached for seniors and first time home owners.
  • The diversity of housing types impacts the demographics of a community.  It impacts social cohesion, safety, affordability, demographics and economic viability.

Enhance Services for Seniors

Advocate for enhancing services to seniors

  • Our Seniors need to know that this city is accessible to them, and that their mental and physical well-being is important to us.  They need to be able to have easy access to facilities and feel included and dignified.  Bus stops should be near Senior residents and destination points that make sense.
  • Affordable housing and in home care services that enable seniors to stay in their homes 
  • Senior Advisory Committee

Economic Growth

Foster economic development.

  • Improve the business experience so it is easier to do business in Oshawa and create new jobs locally.
  • Form partnerships and meaningful connections between education institutions, local businesses and business associations inorder to ensure that job seekers are able to aquire or upgrade skills needed for meaningful employment
  • ensure that the proper infrastructures and services to lands are in place for the future 
  • diversify our economy
  • work with business associations to encourage small business and entreupreneurs startups
  • Promote and encourage Entrepreneurs by providing the right conditions to flourish.  
  • Economic growth, jobs and access to markets and services, we need good roads, telecommunications , energy, transportation, and communication
  • With Broadband across our city it has become easier for citizens to work from home and create their own businesses.
  • Free access to 407 (hwy 418)

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Find efficiencies in budget for strong economic growth and continued services and amenities
  • Create a better ratio of non-residential taxes which shifts the burden away from the residential tax base to fund the services we expect as citizens
  • Enhance services ie Oshawa Fire to ensure that the needs and saftey of the city and residents are properly met.