On October 22 Vote for Theresa Corless for Oshawa City Councillor Ward 1

Theresa Corless City Councillor Ward 1

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Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Thank you for visiting my page.

On October 22nd I am asking you to vote for me as your Ward 1 City Councillor. As your City Councillor I will bring a fresh voice and perspective to represent the residents of Oshawa. 

I am proud to say that Oshawa has been our home for over 30 years. My husband, Dr. Kevin Corless, our 7 children, and I live and work in this vibrant community, and like you, we have a vested interest to see Oshawa continue to grow and thrive. 

As an 8 year elected  Oshawa Trustee and former Chair of the Board for the Durham Catholic School Board,  I have worked hard to build a reputation as a person with integrity, a team player, and a visionary leader who is accessible and fully engaged within my community.  I am not afraid to ask the hard questions and address issues that matter most to you.

I understand that it takes more than just promises to get things accomplished.  It takes vision, experience, knowledge and community engagement.  It takes Team work!  

My experience has prepared me to be an effective strong voice for the people of Oshawa.  I will continue to engage directly with residents and seek your input regarding City initiatives and bring forth your ideas for our community. 

In my role as Chair of the Board and Oshawa Trustee, I have successfully represented the Board municipally, regionally and nationally.  I believe that we are all connected and need to work together in partnership to create a city where all have hope for a brighter future.

Together we will create a stronger community.   

In the next several months I look forward to hearing from you as I reach out to residents to hear your issues and concerns so that I can effectively represent you for the next term of council.

On October 22 vote for me for City Councillor, Ward 1.

                                                                                                      Theresa Corless

Leadership Experience


  • 2010-present Elected Oshawa Trustee
  • 2013-2015 Vice Chair of the Board
  • 2015-2016 Chair of the Board
  • 2010-present Finance Committee member and Chair
  • Chair of the Communication and Partnership Outreach Committee
  • Founding member of the Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (Regional Council)
  • Founding member of Durham Catholic Children's Foundation

Board Committees:  

  1. Policy Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee
  4. Community Outreach and Partnership Committee
  5. Special Education

  • Business and Professional Women of Durham member
  • Oshawa Chambers of Commerce member
  • 3-Point Committee: Youth poverty and unemployment Committee (city of Oshawa)
  • Oshawa Fiesta Committee
  • Oshawa Folks Art Council 


  • York University 
  • Trustee Governance Certification
  • Political Good Governance Certification (St. Michael's College, U of T)


  • I have a proven record of being visible and accessible to my constituents, and address the needs of the community with positive outcomes.
  • Developed positive working relationships with fellow Trustees, staff and different levels of government resulting in positive outcomes. 
  • As a member and Chair of the Finance Committee for the last eight years, I have worked with my fellow Trustees, staff and the community to successfully reduced the deficit while continuing to support programs, and introduce new programs to support mental health, equity and diversity, and special education.
  • I have the knowledge and skill set to find efficiencies in the budget.  As a cohesive group  we managed to increase the reserve and not run a deficit.
  • Presented Strategies for writting School Board Strategic Plan to Ministry of Education and Trustees in the area of Community Engagement.
  • GPS on all school buses
  • Safe arrival programs
  • Before and after school busing at all High Schools
  • Investment in Music and French Immersion programs
  • Partnerships with city, region and province   (new track at Msgr Pereyma)
  • Partnership with the Community Innovation Lab: assists entrepreneurs reach their goals (Msgr Paul Dwyer Catholic High School, Oshawa location) 
  • Youth Fusion  (Robotics programs in Oshawa elementary and secondary school)                   

Together we can create vibrant, healthy and safe communities

Working Together for a brighter Community

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of our City's identy.  

  • We need to find ways to reduce poverty, and rectify gender, racial and income inequality to create a city where everyone has hope for a brighter future.  We also need to work together with all levels of government to find solutions and ensure that we are not duplicating services and fully utilizing the services we already have in place.

Serving the Community

I will advocate at putting our City's priorities--infrastructure, affordable housing, family friendly parks--at the top of the agenda.  

I will be accessible and accountable to you and address issues that matter most to you.

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In the News

(DurhamRegion.com) June 13, 2017

"Durham Catholic board passes "Very Positive budget"

DURHAM — Trustees for the Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB) have given final approval to the 2017/2018 budget.

The budget was passed on June 12, at the board’s last meeting of this school year.

This year’s budget totals $274,485,819, which breaks down to $245,271,906 for operating costs and $29,213,913 for other costs such as capital projects. 

DCDSB superintendent Ryan Putnam described it as “very positive” overall, noting the budget is balanced with no staff layoffs, no major cuts and some modest reserves.

One major highlight is “significant” funds from the province to hire additional staff, including eight-and-a-half educational assistant positions, two special education teachers and two English as a second language teachers.

There is also funding earmarked to hire additional early childhood educators for kindergarten classrooms, allowing the DCDSB to decrease its average kindergarten class size to 24 from 25.

Putnam says stabilizing enrolment, coupled with $600,000 in annual savings from the regional bell time review and additional funding from the province have allowed the board to “absorb some pressure,” creating a more stable financial picture than in past years.

Trustee Theresa Corless, who chairs the board’s finance committee, praised this year’s budget consultation process, which she said allowed the “collective voice” of the community — from parents to religious leaders — to be heard.

"Durham school board trustee report cards 

An annual evaluation by the Metroland Media Group's Durham Region Division of how local politicians are serving taxpayers DurhamRegion.com•

July 03, 2015 

 Theresa Corless 

Oshawa trustee 

This year’s grade: B+ 

Last year’s grade: B 

Attendance: 8/8 board 

Expenses: $2,250.18 

Trustee Theresa Corless was elected vice-chairwoman of the board this year and is doing a good job in this leadership role. She speaks up often at board meetings, asking questions about key issues such as enrolment and school utilization. She is a strong advocate for protecting Oshawa schools from closure and often raises everyday concerns from parents, such as ECO school initiatives that prevent students from throwing out uneaten food at school, and a review of how medication for anaphylactic and asthmatic students is stored. 

Jun 27, 2012 Oshawa This Week

Theresa Corless

Oshawa Trustee

This year's grade:  B

Trustee Theresa Corless has bounced back from a somewhat controversial 2010-2011 when another trustee alleged that she was not a Catholic ratepayer and later withdrew the motion. This year she asks questions, provides opinions on certain issues and brings forward motions. For example, she had the board conduct a cost benefit analysis for the implementation of an alternative school year program. Trustee Corless was also in the minority that voted to have public question period opened when there was some confusion around the policy, and trustees thought it wasn't allowed. She looks out for students and inquired about the overcrowding of buses at Monseigneur Paul Dwyer Catholic High School and had director Paul Pulla look into the issue. She also sits on the most committees: the special education advisory committee, the supervised alternative learning committee, and the parent involvement committee. Her clear effort this year resulted in her grade increase.

Attendance: Board meetings, 11/11, Special Board, 5/5

Expenses: $3,335.89

Last year's grade: C+

Jul 07, 2011 Oshawa This Week

Theresa Corless

Oshawa DCDSB trustee

This year's grade: C+

Last year's grade: N/A

Attendance: board meetings, 9/9

Expenses: $69.48

Trustee Theresa Corless saw some controversy in her first few months as an elected official, after a notice of motion which thrust her religion and taxpayer status into the limelight. She handled herself well despite the allegations, doing her best to keep the issue from distracting from the work the board needs to be doing. After the motion was withdrawn Trustee Corless accepted the apology offered by board chairman Jim McCafferty gracefully, but mentioned she wished it had come from the trustee who issued the notice of motion, Mary Ann Martin. The single comment was the only thing she said about the trustee who raised the allegations against her, proving she has a thick skin. Hopefully in the years to come Trustee Corless will speak up a little more at the board table when educational issues are brought forward.

  • "Catholic Board proposes deal with city" (Oshawa Express-2017)
  • "Durham Catholic Trustee wants gps system in buses" (durhamregion.ca)